Jasmin Kruezi

Sound & Computer Graphics




Hello and welcome. My name is Jasmin Kruezi and I am a creator of computer generated video content, music, sound design and interactive and audio technical builds. I am also teaching music production and recording at the aim academy in Heilbronn (Germany). I am creating for advertisement and artistic productions.

If you are interested in booking, hiring or cooperating, feel free to contact me: contact@jasminkruezi.com




> A music video about dipping into a stranger's mind

Music by Johannes Mittl & me, further video editing by me, video material by NOCTULICA FILM and ANA COTORÉ.

> Musical direction and interactive video on stage.

Staatstheater Darmstadt - "Abfall der Welt" - premiere 20th Juni 2019

> A Pixel Art short movie I wrote, directed and made.

Stuttgart Media University - "Same Space" - premiere 4th July 2019

> This is a live show I've made some playbacks for.

Stella Goritzki and Johannes Mittl - "BOXX@Night" - 2th February 2019

> This is a synthesizer in Virtual Reality I made.

Using the Unreal Engine and their node based C++ system "Blueprint".

> This is me producing Electronic Music as "Pravi Lopov".

Deep and wide Dance Music and animated(!) record covers - Two things  I really love to make. For more information (events I DJ) visit me on facebook or Instagram.

> Here I made a fully 3D music video about an alien visiting the earth.

My very first computer animated video project. Music by Johannes Mittl and me as "34 Brothers".

> This is a short movie I worked on.

Mainly responsible for grooming (grass), animatics, camera animation and lighting.

> Here are some past theater productions my good friend Johannes Mittl and I made music and sound design for.

We also form a band called "34 Brothers". Look here: Spotify, YouTube.